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Year In Review

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Another 12 month cycle is coming to a close, making it a good time to stop and reflect upon the year we’ve just had. Whether or not you celebrate the new year on Jan 1st, in February for Chinese new year, March 20th on Spring Equinox, on Samhain, or any other time of the year, taking inventory of all we have accomplished, given, and how much we have grown, is a beneficial way to begin a new cycle. If you’re like me, you’ll have to scroll through photos, social media posts, journal entries, emails, etc. to try to remember it all!

Some things you may want to consider are:

  • Moments you’re proud of

  • Goals you’ve met

  • How much you’ve given back to the world

  • What’s most important to you

  • How your priorities have changed

  • Ways in which you’ve grown…habits you’ve broken, positive changes you’ve made, lessons you’ve learned, etc.

  • Places you’ve traveled, classes you’ve taken, new things you’ve tried, adventures large and small, things you’ve discovered

  • What you’ve learned

  • Disappointments…with the intention of asking if it still serves you, what you learned from it, how can you improve things going forward, etc.

  • Highlights/Surprises

  • Where you invest your energy the most

  • What inspired you

  • Things you started but never finished

  • People you met/Friends made/lost

  • Relationships

  • Obstacles or challenges you overcame

  • What did you learn about yourself

  • Moments of Joy

  • Books you read, concerts or live performances you saw

  • How you took care of your health

  • Was self-love/care a priority

  • Were there any repeating themes

After you’ve spent a decent amount of time reflecting (this may take you the rest of the month) write out how you want the next year to look. What would you like to take with you into the new year and what would you like to leave behind?

Here is a very brief version of my year in review!

2018 year in review (1).png